Archispce dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of innovative
building system under the most strict quality standards in international level
to meet the needs of living condition adapted to different applications in works
and events.
Archispce  affiliated with yahgee
Yahgee Modular House (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and currently is the
largest manufacturer of prefabricated houses and marine accommodation cabins in
China with over 7000 employees operating in more than 200 large and medium-

sized cities throughout China.
In December 2009,YAHGEE was successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange
(Stock Code:002314), becoming the first publicly listed company of prefabricated
housing industry in China.
YAHGEE now renews the company name with Nanshan Holding in Nov 4th, 2015,
general assets RMB3.5 billion.

7 Categories of product:
K House/ T House
Flat Pack House
Container House
Special Containers
Easy House
Yahgee Domus (LGS)

Annual Production Capacity:
15,000 m2 prefab houses (K/T & Easy House)
12,000 unit flat pack houses
4,000 modular houses with full decoration
100,000 m2 LGS building
30,000 TEU & Special containers
Product Catalog