16 Points You Have To Consider Before Building A Modular Building

Under the vigorous promotion of national policies, modular and construction gradually become the mainstream in construction industry and present a rising trend. More and more large-scale projects began to adopt modular design and construction. Compared with traditional architecture, modular architecture can reduce cost and shorten construction, but not all the buildings are suitable for modular construction. Before making a modular construction, you need to measure the following points in advance.

No.1. Weather modular building is suitable for my project or not? – Not all the projects are suitable for modular architecture.

No.2. Do I need a specific type of GC to build the modular project? - It’s not necessary, but it is worth recommending.

No.3. Once decided "Removal Of Modularization", when should we make a decision? - The sooner the better.

No.4. Do I need modularized architects and S/MEP engineers? - Yes, they are very important.

No.5. Once I designed a traditional framework project, do I need to redesign if I choose to be modularized? - Yes, they are quite different.

No.6. How much do the modular buildings cost? - They are very different in cost. Please communicate with the modularized manufacturers as soon as possible to confirm the price.

No.7. Will my financing structure be changed because of taking the modular project? - Yes, the price for the purchase of modular units will account for 60% of the total cost.

No.8. How much construction time can be reduced by adapting modular buildings? - It will be reduced by about 3-6 months.

No.9. What does a fully standard modular unit obtain? - The standard unit consists of two rooms separated by the corridor.

No.10. What is the limitation for modular design? -  The unit size of the modular building is strictly limited.

No.11. The overall distance from the factory to the scene? – It is usually within 500 miles.

No.12. Can the modular units be set up directly from the ground? - It is usually set up from the second floor.

No.13. How many modular units can we build within one day? - It depends on the factors such as the project and the weather.

No.14. What is the quality of the modular architecture? - Both precision and consistency are higher than traditional buildings.

No.15. What is the difference for the quality inspection of modular buildings? - The frequency of local inspection in the field is greatly reduced.

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