What is a modular building?
What is a modular building?
Modular building is manufactured in the factory and transported to pre-prepared project site to be installed. When delivery, all the decoration of the module is completed, including toilet and kitchen facilities. The residents just need more furniture.

What is the advantage of modular building?
Sustainability: Compared with traditional building, sustainability is one of the most obvious advantages of modular building. Modular building avoids the environmental impact and noise pollution of site construction. The energy usage efficiency of modular buildings is higher in the life cycle. After the removal, there are a lot of materials and components of modular building can be recycled. The materials, the productive process (including the traditional decoration process), the use procedure and the removal of modular building are all sustainable.

Construction speed: Compared with traditional building, another advantage of modular building is faster construction speed. The faster construction speed of modular building is derived from batch production and standardized production of key components in the efficient production environment. Take a 36m2 single module as an example, in a mature production condition, the production efficiency of finished module (including decoration) is up to 90 minutes per unit, which is 0.4 sqm per minute.

Completion speed: The foundation and the main structure are built at the same time. The factory production and the site installation are lapped. This production process can greatly shorten the construction period and exclude the influence of the weather and the seasonal change on site construction period to make the building put into use as soon as possible. This radical change of development form can greatly speed up the capital recovery, and more important is to increase the profitability of the project.

Save the investment: Fast speed of construction and completion and ordering way of production and purchase can effectively shorten the construction period and occupied funds time to avoid premature capital backlog and to save capital cost and opportunity cost of the investment. The ideal completion speed makes modular building earlier to be put into service and to bring benefits than traditional building.

High quality products: Modular buildings use high quality building materials and are standardized production in professional factory. When avoiding inferior materials and bad weather influence the construction quality, modular buildings are through standardized control means, modern testing means, and industrial production method to ensure the construction quality and the stability of quality. The traditional construction process is unable to meet. The life cycle of modular building materials is 50-60 years.

Product diversification: Except providing whole set house with decoration or without decoration, modular building can provide components for traditional building, including indoor wall, kitchen and bathroom, outer wall and so on. The components are directly transported to site to be installed and effectively support traditional building.

What kinds of buildings can be used modular products?
The new rural housing, economically affordable housing, commercial residential building, office building, commercial temporary building, resort, villa, container solutions, school, hotel, etc.

Can you produce modular building according to customer’s design?
Yes. We have some residential modules to choose. We can manufacture according to customer’s plan. Is there a size limit of modular building? Because of the transportation, there is a size limit of modules. These restrictions are mostly highway restrictions. The size of modules produced by factory is much larger than the limit of expressway viaduct and bends. One thing to note, what we say is the size of a single module. There is no limit to the size of modular building, which just need produce a few more modules.

How to transport the modular building to site?
Modular building is transported from the factory to the site by transportation facility. The modules are transported to the site through the same logistics planning of production rate and site installation.
How to assemble and install modular building?
The modules are installed by mobile crane. Professional installation team completes the modules installation service.
How does modular building bring benefits for the environment?
All materials purchased from suppliers must meet quality certification, and support sustainable development goals. Sustainability of the houses is in the use of materials, production method and the whole life cycle energy savings. The products which meet the requirements of sustainability are measured through recyclability and removable of components.
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