Project Name:Yuan Village Shopping Mall, Xi'an, Shanxi

Project Location: Xian, Shanxi, China

In historical and cultural ancient capital of xi 'an, YuanGu Village shaanxi rural tourism as an important business card, one of the smart designers in the creative use of 52 container built a creative characteristics of the mall.Such innovative building commercial street, in the form of a kind of modern art, new business culture.

Project named xi 'an YuanGu Village ole container business street, the nations in the universal life pavilion, pavilion, Spain, Japan and South Korea life in Japan: to clubs, German chocolate, multiple shops such as southeast Asia food, meet the demand of diversity of your beer and skittles!
Xi 'an YuanGu Village street was conducted with 52 creative container built different permutation and combination, container appearance be painted orange, green, yellow, blue, pure and fresh and gorgeous color, the mall in appearance has incomparable advantages than traditional architecture, its novel architectural form added more fresh elements and vitality for the scenic spot, makes the scenic spot more diversified architectural style, keep up with the trend of The Times.

In order to keep the container characteristic of this kind of wavy wall and steel rugged feeling, indoor wall keep intact, to fully demonstrate the post-industrial era of commercial elements, highlights its individuation, the complex strong wind industry has become a unique scenery line in the scenic spot.

Volume: 52  containers
Completion: September, 2013

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