Project Name:Bernabéu Football Park in Longquan District , Chengdu

Project Location: Chengdu, sichuan ,China

The site () area is 100 sqm and the building is 3-storey height with the total area of 210  sqm. Football theme park, Let more people love football, rest, of his own party.All kinds of training can be held.
The rectangular steel containers are paired and placed atop a large deck that wrapsaround the house.

The completely knock-down of the house components can save more space of thecontainer and make the cost of house lower.

Container structural system building has adequately referred to the appearance and structure of shipping containers to form the integral stability and strength. The sizes of each module can be customized.
Volume: 5 renovated containers + 2 rooftop platforms
Completion: July, 2015

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