Project Name: Multi-function Mobile Headquarters

Project Location: HongKong


In the fourth world conference on low carbon city league BBS, this project used as "news center" of the conference.The biggest bright spot is the low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving design concept, not only brought a pleasing architectural appearance, the more the product into the many elements of science and technology:

additional external blinds grid system to provide multi-directional radiation protection for buildings, effectively reduce the building external wall surface temperature;

The vertical large opening fully absorb the natural light illumination, the third floor on the second floor of the hollow design, reduce the building energy demand for indoor lighting in the day;

Electric control window appears at the bottom of the stairs enrich the ventilation of the building environment, and the roof solar energy grid generation system, but also greatly reduces the use of the building energy consumption.The project construction area of 432 ㎡, three layers on the ground.Including office, business, exhibition, hotel, entertainment and other functions.

Volume: 27  containers
Completion: June, 2013

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