MOHURD Promotes Assembly Building Industry To Greet Trillion Market Space

According to the latest document issued by MOHURD, Baijing City, Hangzhou City, Guang’an City are set as the first batch of prefabricated building demonstration city; BUCC, HangXiao Steel Structure, Country Garden and the other 195 enterprises are set as the first batch of prefabricated construction industrial base. MOHURD requires the prefabricated construction demonstration cities and the industrial bases in accordance with the relevant provisions of the prefabricated construction and promote the related works; discover and summarize the experiences in prefabricated industry, play the leading role in the process of industry development.

GUOTAI JUNAN SECURITIES pointed out that the demographic dividend has weakened, the willingness for new generation of migrant workers to engage in construction is reducing, thus the labor cost for construction will be greatly increased. At present, the labor cost accounts for about 15%, however, once taking assembly steel structure, the labor cost can be saved by 38%. The assembly market space is expected to reach 1.3 trillion in the next 4 years.

It is certain that the assembly building industry will have a bright future; Yahgee will remain true to its original aspiration and put all efforts on providing the best modular houses to support the development of assembly building industry.

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