'The Belt and Road’ and Yahgee’s international market development

The Belt and Road’ and Yahgee’s international market development

Since ‘The Belt and Road’ national strategy been proposed for the first time, ‘The Belt and Road’ is gradually being transformed from strategic vision to strategic implementation. Yahgee also began to develop international market in order to follow the national strategy; Yahgee actively explored and developed related countries’ projects and finally achieved periodic progress.


I.   Increase publicity, promote corporate image and highlight the core competitiveness

Under the guidance of China Merchants Group, Yahgee has became the first listed Chinese company that focuses on producing modular building; Yahgee has eight modular house production bases in nationwide and seven series of products, the annual production capacity for different kinds of modular house has already achieved 10 million square meters; the products can be widely used in tourism, residential villas, public business, camp site, government settlement building, energy mine camp, municipal temporary housing, temporary housing for large events and other related areas; good corporate background, large production scale, advanced R&D ability and technological advantages provided solid foundation for Yahgee to follow ‘The Belt and Road’ strategy.


II.  Multi-channel along with multi-tap, explore international markets actively

1.  Make good use of exhibition and network marketing

Taking exhibition and network as the main channel, Yahgee participates in the construction of ‘The Belt and Road’. Since 2016, Yahgee has already participated in six overseas exhibitions in Malaysia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and other countries that on the route of ‘The Belt and Road’; Yahgee got more than 100 effective information and developed 10 key accounts, the value for the signed contract has achieved 130 million Yuan; Yahgee has made about 5 exclusive/non-exclusive agents, including clients from Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and other countries. On the other hand, there are 3 major projects under negotiation, including the government housing project in Timor-Leste, dam project in Argentine, CNBN’s Dubai project, etc., the value for each project is more than 50 million Yuan.

At the end of 2016, Yahgee developed multilingual marketing website – English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, etc., are supported; real-time customer service is also provided, in order to satisfy the demands of global marketing. So far, Yahgee has got large number of customer and inquiry information from the network, the average daily website traffic has achieved 500, average daily inquiry achieved 3, effective inquiry achieved 201, 5 customers have already signed, and about 15 projects are under negotiation.

2.  Combine oversea arrangement with ‘ Borrow Boat Out To Sea’

Facing vast international market, Yahgee established the layout of overseas business in 2017 through marketing analysis and field research. On the one hand, relying on the opportunity that

China Merchants Group developing port in Djibouti, and making use of the power of the United Arab Emirates, Yahgee starts to establish branches in United Arab Emirates, Peru, Djibouti and other countries step-by-step. On the other hand, Yahgee cooperated with the state-owned enterprises to implement ‘Borrow Boat Out To Sea’ strategy and make oversea investments; developing national housing market in countries like Argentina and other countries jointly; in order to expand international sales-services network, improve productivity and actively help local construction.

When it comes to specific cooperation method, changed from the past ‘Drive-type: Yahgee develop international market through providing products and related service to large overseas construction enterprises’ like a small and slow boat into ‘Extended-type: take original overseas large-scale projects as clues and follow the international expansion of large enterprises to make extended marketing. Collaborative-type: establishing joint factory with the help of overseas funds and channel’ this tends to be big and fast boat. With the vast market and political & economic influence of large state-owned enterprise, Yahgee will make further cooperation and develop more international markets. 


III.  Hope to obtain support from the government

The implementation of ‘The Belt and Road’ strategy provided good opportunities for Chinese construction enterprises. Yahgee wants to get some help from the government, in order to implement the national strategy more smoothly; especially on the matchmaking project, Yahgee hopes to get help from the powerful resource integration ability owned by the government, letting Yahgee make further cooperation with state-owned construction enterprise and get convenience of foreign development.
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