Project | Bus Station Standardization of Shenzhen Western Bus Co. Ltd., to create a warm "home" for front-line staff

If "time" is to witness the development and evolution of a city, then "public transport" is an important way to guide urban development and solve urban traffic congestion.



As one of the three major public transport franchising enterprises in Shenzhen, after more than a decade of development, most of the group's original public transport terminal facilities are simple and obsolete, unable to meet the needs of the current operation, and most of the stations are in a bad environment. The working and living environment of grass-roots workers is generally poor. Yahgee joined hands with Shenzhen Western Bus Group to develop a standardized bus station, which aims to improve the operation, working and living environment of the station, and enhance the overall image of the group.

Yahgee gives full play to its own advantages, investigates the operation and functional requirements of each station in details, and synthetically considers the surrounding environment of the bus station, then finally adopts the design of "one station with one plan". In the course of implementing the standardization construction of the station, To respond positively to the call of the government, and earnestly abide by the principles of safety, economy, environmental protection, energy conservation and applicable construction principles, Yahgee adopts the product flat-pack house, which is safe, comfortable, durable, quickly installed and with short construction period. After being transformed and upgraded, the field stations become simple, generous and fully functional.

White box with grey four-sided sloping resin glazed tile roof is more simple. The main body of the building and the surrounding environment mix together naturally. In terms of the functional layout, it has administrative office, dispatch room, staff home, staff lounge, vehicle control room captain’s office, conference room, training room, monitoring equipment room, bathroom etc.. Staff homes are equipped with leisure and entertainment facilities, such as reading area, table tennis table, treadmill, to relieve the work pressure and enhance working motivation and enthusiasm of front-line staff. The upgraded bus station has created a spacious, bright, warm and comfortable environment to the staff, and help to set up a good brand image of the enterprise.

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