Camp in Guangming District of Shenzhen

According to the guidance of the “Outline Of Development Plan For The Guangdong- -Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, China Construction First Division Group and Yahgee have finished a key livelihood project with a total construction area of approximately 395,000 square meters in the Guangming District of Shenzhen – a green ecological garden-style temporary construction camp.

In the temporary construction camp of the key livelihood project of Shenzhen Guangming District, which was built by Yaghee, the management staff office and living area consists of 155 Yaghee flat-pack houses totally, and with main functional rooms, such as offices, meeting rooms, 3D exhibition halls, canteens, restaurants, staff dormitories, bathrooms and drying rooms, etc. The project aims to expand the well-being space of employees and laborers. In the design, it adheres to the concept of green, humanity and environmental protection, highlights the principle of ‘being people-oriented, eco-priority’, closely integrating with the site-specific natural conditions, and taking production and office needs as the focus of planning and design.

In the construction of the temporary construction camp project, the elements of “courtyard” and “retreating” in traditional Chinese gardens are introduced. The administrative staff office area forms an open courtyard, which satisfies the interaction and communication of work; the living area forms a number of semi-private small courtyards to meet the interaction of small groups.

The administrative staff office area adopts an asymmetrical overall layout. The building is composed and stacked by different sizes of modules. There are 58 flat-pack houses, including four bathrooms, 1 large conference room (120 square meters), and one medium-sized conference room (48 square meters). , two small meeting rooms (36 square meters), one 3D exhibition hall (54 square meters).The office area can be provided up to 100 people to work at the same time.

The management staffs’ living area adopts a symmetrical overall layout with a floor area of 1,500 square meters. The building is composed of two floors, a total of 38 dormitories, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, 3 kitchens and 3 dining halls. It can accommodate 80 people, and the living area is set up with a clothes drying area, a staff canteen, a meeting room and other facilities.

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