Croydon container Park, London
Project Name: Croydon container Park, London
Address: Croydon, UK
Construction area: 2,622 square meters
Project year: 2016
Photographer: Nick caville
Client: Container Park

Croydon Container Park is located at Ruskin Square near to Donk Croydon Station, London. It is part of the square integrated development project. The project focuses on small independent merchants, to create a unique dining experience.

BDP's design creates a semi-enclosed market halls, such as the Covent Garden in Barcelona or La Boqueria agricultural products market, which is the core of the plan, and small units and outdoor open-air space just surround. Due to the horizontal change between the station entrance and the Dingwall Road, people can enter from multiple entrances and platforms. It increases the spacial interest and vigour.

Container is an intrinsic part of the container park(Boxpark) brand. Choose this trivial ubiquitous object, and turn it into a desirable and transitional object. We used 96 containers, four of which keeps intact. The whole assembly is like a giant 3D jigsaw, but the end result looks simple.

The description of simplified original beauty is integrated into the core design vocabulary of the container park. The graphic designer Filthy Media and space designer Brinkworth applied very powerful graphics and visual identification system in the whole plan.

Container park will change the quality of retail and leisure services in Croydon, and will attract customers and new business from the region.

BDP is the architect of the 3 million pound project, civil and structural engineers, environmental engineers, acoustic consultants, lighting designers and Landscape Architects.

Material description: the use of containers is an integral part of the container park brand. The designer totally uses 96 containers, and four of which keeps intact.

In addition, the project uses new materials, such as steel structure roof supported by polycarbonate roof, and they are integrated into the container Park core design.

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