Ottozawa, Okuma, Futaba District, Fukushima Prefecture 979-1301, Japan
Project Summary

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster relief mobile flat pack shelters totaled 3,500 m2 / 37,673 ft2 and took 8 days to assemble. The flat pack structures utilise four steel corner posts, with 14 interchangeable panels, making final design modification quick a simple. These flat pack containers are easy to transport, and will be relocated for future clean up projects.

Project Details

Completed: September 2014

Developer: Kawasabi Trading Co.

Architect: Yahgee

Manufactured: Shenzhen, China

Product: Flat Pack Container

Squarespace: 3,500m2 / 37,673 ft2

Prefab Structure Cost: $285 usd per m2 / $26.50 usd per ft2

Shipping: 210 flat pack containers @ $750 usd per = $157,500 usd

Manufacturing Period: 40 days

Total Construction Period: 72 days

Product Specifications: Steel sheet containers, water, and electricity all certified by Japan F4 star international environmental standards.

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