Display ‘Created In China’ To The World, Uncovered The Hawaii Camp Project

Recently, Yahgee’s latest camp project is closing to the end, waiting to be shipped to the only island state in the USA – Hawaii. The final delivery of this project would mean Yahgee’s international strategy has being putting forward for aother huge step.

Hawaii Camp project consists of 16 container rooms, 4 packing boxes, 1 standard container warehouse; the camp is mainly used as R&D base for American researchers. Hawaii Camp is a combination of accommodation, office and living area; it has built-in dormitories, public toilets, public shower rooms, and complete sets of furniture and household appliances; thus meet the whole-range needs for researchers’ living and working demand. All the electrical materials perfectly meet the UL certification, and the waterway materials also meet the UPC certification. The whole project was designed, manufactured and installed by Yahgee independently.

As the leading company in modular house industry, Yahgee will constantly strive for perfection, and put all efforts on providing the best modular houses for customers.

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