1、Pure-green construction without any beam and column
2、USA patent,warm in winter and cool in summer,power saving,no leaking and insect resistance
3、Short construction period,various model change
4、RC structures as permanent construction
5、Hurricane resistance and anti-seismic(mainly use in school and refugee shelter)

10 advantages
1. High tension intensity
2. High thermal-insulation efficiency
3. Good fire-proof performance
4. Good leaking proof performance
5. Good insect resistance
6. Good performance of hurricane resistance
7. Strong capability of anti-seismic
8. Lower construction cost
9. Lower operating cost
10. Lower maintenance cost

●Hall & Theatre
●Disaster Relief
●Hotel & Apartment
●Commercial Building

Common table for igloo
materials Distorting extent density The ratio for intensity of efficiency
Composite reinforced shell 830kg/cm2 920kg/m3 210(0.092)
Reinforce concrete 280kg/cm2 1762kg/m3 36(0.016)
Steel ribs 1650kg/cm2 7849kg/m3 48(0.021)
Douglas fir wood 170kg/cm2 513kg/m3 75(0.033)

The intensity explanation of igloo
High density concrete: 280kg/cm2
Strengthing rebar: 4150kg/cm2
Air casing: 50kg/cm2
Sealing paste: 2.125kg/cm2

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