Lending our proven Quality Control team from Yahgee, we have developed and adapted a robust on-site regimen to ensure that our modular units are of the highest quality level in the industry.

Our systems focus on identifying shortcomings of construction procedures prior to commencement of any project, as well as on-site monitoring of processes. This quality control competency allows us to review each step of production to ensure main countries and regions standards are met. Yahgee continuously monitors building techniques and processes to provide compliance with client requests.

It is with these competencies that we are able to meet CSA requirements, CWB welding certification, Intertek, and any other standards needed to provide the highest quality unit to our clients.

For more information on the Archispace  Quality Assurance program:

In addition to providing building products, Archispace also provides the required supporting materials for customers, including: furnitures, electrical appliances, daily necessities, plumbing materials, electrical materials, decoration materials and other special equipments (mechanical equipment, wrought iron gate and fence etc.) to realize one-stop service for customer personalized service.

For the completed projects, provide remote telephone counseling guidance or on-site maintenance and repair services according to the needs of customers. Certainly, the latter belongs to charging service.

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