Learning About Easy House

First: Definition for easy house

The upgraded EASY HOUSE series are designed, based on the traditional portable panel buildings by adopting the same structure and basic materials, to solve all the issues like: limited budget, tense construction time, various floor layouts, high-standard aesthetic requirements.

Easy House adopts the light gauge steel as main structural components, with color-coated steel sandwich panel or double-sided cement fiber board compositing light concrete and EPS particles as the wall panels. This product has strong structure, better heat & sound insulation performance, and higher habitability. Standard modular system is designed to arrange the layout. The main structure can be connected by bolts to achieve the fast and easy assembling. Additional cladding or painting can be added to enhance the finishing look of the product.

Different proposals of structural systems, material selections, exterior appearances, floor plans are provided according to the development levels, weather conditions, living habits and cultural background of different areas, to meet the requirements of different people.

Second: Product’s characteristics

Attractive Appearance

Various layouts are easily formed by using the standard modularity, and the appearances and colours of the facades and the locations of window and door are adjustable to satisfy particular requirements for people from different backgrounds.

Affordable & Practical

According to the different levels of economic development and the weather conditions, different options of budget and design are available.

Environmental Friendly

Each component is pre-manufactured in the factory so the onsite construction rubbish is reduced to the minimum, very economy and environmental friendly.

Easy Transporting

Up to 200m2EASY HOUSE can be stored into a standard 40’container.

Fast Assembling

Limited onsite work, averagely every four experienced workers can erect approximately 80m2 main structure of EASY HOUSE every day.

Great Durability

Under normal circumstances, the EASY HOUSE has long performance life for over 20 years.

Third: Structure

Forth: Classic cases

Case in Nigeria

Case in Southeast Asia

Case in Papua New Guine

Case in Morocoo

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