Learning About Yahgee's Flat-packed House

Flat-packed container house is one of Yahgee’s key products; Yahgee has already applied flat-packed container house in many different fields, and made large amounts of classic cases.


Product description:

Flat-packed container house is a kind of modular building based on steel frame and light-wall panel structure system; it is made up of top frame, bottom frame, corner column, 14 interchangeable wall panels, doors, windows, circuit systems and etc; flat-packed container house can be flat packed, thus both land and sea transportation are suitable.


Product features:

Flexible combination: 

can be single used or combined into a large open space, and can be added to three layers.


Complete supporting facilities:

Could adapt different kinds of modeling, corridor, rain shed, stair; professional bathroom container and kitchen container are also optional, the appearance and interior are also customized.


Fast installation:

Single container can be installed by 4 workers within 3 hours; it is also convenient for transportation.


Safe and durable:

Service life is more than 15 years, earthquake resistance of 8 degrees, wind resistance of 11 degrees


Low transportation cost:

After flat compression, each 4 sets is equivalent to the size of one standard 20’, 3/4 shipping cost could be saved


Flexible transportation methods:

Considering the distance of destination, the convenience degree of site installation; whole container transportation, flat-compressed transportation or container shipment are optional.


Application field:

Flat-packed container house can be used as office, accommodation, restaurant, sanitary ware and large space combination; it could meet the demand of site barracks, filed-operation barracks, municipal housing and commercial housing.  


Some classic cases:

1. Case In Suzhou

2. Case In Sichuan

3.Case in Wuhan, Hubei

4.Case In Changshu

5. Case In Japan 

6.Case In Kenya

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