Learning About Yahgee's PREKIT

Prekit can be divided into two different types: K-House and T-House; both of them are useful and rational.

First Part: K-House

I. Brief Introduction

K-House is a type of Yahgee's renovative and eco-friendly products for temporary use. This product adopts light gauge steel as the structural frame, color-coated sandwich panels as the enclosure material, is designed with standard module to form the layouts and the primary components are connected by bolts. K-House can be assembled and disassembled quickly.

The design concept of K-House is universal, standardized and modular, which is advantageous to achieve the development of line products, industrialized manufacture, supply of complete set, fast assembling or disassembling and repetitive use. It can be widely used for construction site, government settlement housing, disaster relief, public events and etc.

II. Structure Chart

II. Product Characteristics

III. Typical Layouts

IV. Construction Process

V. Interior

Part Two: T-House

I. Product Introduction

T-House is a type of temporary buildings using the steel structure as the fundamental system for the floor load bearing, and the self strength of sandwich panels as the load transferring factor, while connecting them by the efficient method.

The design of T-House is modularized, which means the external and internal appearances are neater and more beautiful, the layouts are more flexible, the thermal and sound insulating performances are much better. This product can be widely used in the construction site, camp site, government settlement housing, public events, commercial events and


II. Structure Chart

III. Product Characteristics

IV. Typical Layouts

V. Interior

Part Three: Classic Cases




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