Do you really know about light steel structure?

Light steel structure refers to steel structure composed of thin-walled steel or H-type steel. Apart from the characteristics of ordinary steel structure, light steel structure also has other characteristics, such as: light load, small section of the rod, convenient materials, cost less and lighter weight; thus it shows great significance on small and medium-sized enterprises, and received welcome from construction enterprises, it also developed quite quickly in the latest few years.

Next, let us learn about light steel structure.

Structure Form:

1. Purline: in the light steel structure, most of them adopt purline system, in this way, purline is an important component. There are several main types: the solid-abdominal thin-walled steel purline, empty abdominal purline consisting of angle steel and inboard, trussed purline.

2.Truss: the truss is the main load bearing element in the structure of the roof. The forms for the truss are triangular, trapezoidal, fusiform and three hinged fishing, etc., which can be made of angel-steel thin-walled steel, circular tube and square pipe.

3. Steel frame: steel frame has single layer and multi layer, steel frame bar has solid-web type and lattice type. Multi-layer steel frame can make use of building space effectively, reduce the height of the building, modeling concise and beautiful, component neat and specifications, convenient site installation, fast construction, it is the main structure form and generally made of H-type steel.

4. Network frame: the network frame has space function, when it compares with beam board and truss structure; it has the advantages of well integrated, large stiffness and strong shock resistance.

Structure characteristic

1. Economical. Light steel roof structure only needs little quantity of steel, the general steel quantity only accounts for 8% to 16%which is close to the amount of steel used for reinforced concrete in similar situation; thus the weight for the structure can be reduced by 70% to 80% , it could also save a lot of templates, cement and other building materials, the total cost is low.

2. light weight structure. When compares to reinforced concrete structure, the weight for light weight structure only accounts for 20% to 30%; thus reduces the load of the base and the overall cost, and provides opportunity for future development.

3. Homogenous material and the stress calculation of the structural is accurate, thus it has high degree of safety; since steel is a kind of ductile material, the anti-seismic performance is good.

4. Most of the bars for steel structure are processed and manufactured in the factory, thus it has perfect test methods, processing quality can be guaranteed.

5. The construction speed is fast, transportation and installation is convenient, greatly reduces the site workload and increases the construction speed.

6. Light steel structure takes thin-walled steel, the cross section shape is reasonable and various, compares with ordinary steel, the turning radius for cross section increased 50%- 60%, moment of inertia and resistance torque increases 0.5-3.0 times, it could make use of the material strength in a reasonable way, and save 30% of steel when compares to ordinary structure.


Shock resistance: light-steel structure basically takes triangular roof truss system consisting of cold-bending steel components, after sealing the structural plate and plasterboard, the light steel components formed a very stable ‘rib plate structure system’,this kind of structure system has stronger shock resistance ability and horizontal load resisting ability, suitable for areas with over 8 degrees seismic intensity.

Wind resistance: the weight for light steel structure is only one fifth of the masonry structure, it can withstand a hurricane of 70 meters per second, made property and life be protected.

Durability: light steel structure basically made of cold-bending thin-walled steel components system, the steel bone is made of ultra-high-corrosion and high-strength cold rolled zinc plate, it could effectively avoid the corrosion of steel plate during the construction and use process, thus increased the service life of light steel components.

Heat preservation: generally takes sealant as thermal insulation material, it has good thermal insulation effect. The insulation board for exterior wall could effectively avoid the ‘cold bridge’ phenomenon, thus achieve better thermal insulation effect.

Sound insulation: sound insulation is an important indicator for evaluating a home, light steel system installation windows are made of insulating glass, it has good sound insulation ability, the sound insulation is above 40 decibels, the wall is made up of light steel keel and the insulation plaster board, the sound insulation ability can be as high as 60 decibels.

Health: dry construction, reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste, the steels used for structure can be recycled 100%, and other supporting materials can be recycled for most part, which is corresponding with current environmental protection awareness, all the materials are environmental friendly materials, meeting the ecological environmental requirements and good for health.

Comfort: the light steel wall adopts efficient energy saving system, it has breathing function, could adjust indoor air dry humidity. The roof has ventilation function, it could make the air flow inside the house, thus ensure the ventilation and cooling requirements.

Speedy: Whole dry construction, not affected by the environment and season. A building of about 300 square meters could be  entirely completed by 5 workers within 30 working days.

Environmental friendly: the material can be recycled for 100%, totally avoid environmental pollution. All adopt high efficiency energy saving wall, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation effects are good, and it could achieve 50% energy saving standard.


At present light steel structure is mainly used in the construction of industrial buildings, it plays an important role in accelerating the speed of basic construction, it also bring significant influence on the construction of small enterprise and existing enterprise innovation; especially the H-type light steel, which is already able to make gross domestic production, it provided material basis for the development of light steel structure.

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