ISO Container
Non-sandard Container
Other container
ISO Container is weatherproof, fully enclosed and is used for loading the right goods, except frozen cargo and animal/plant, with suitable size, weight and without attemperation requirements, such as articles of daily use, food, machinery, instrument, household appliances, medicine, valuables and etc.

  • 10ft container
    10' Container
  • 20ft container
    20' Container
  • 20HQ Container
    20'HQ Container
  • 40ft container
    40'ft Container
  • 40HQ container
    40'HQ Container
  • 45ft container
    45'Ft Container
  • 53ft container
    53'ft Container
Size and location of doors are custom designed and made according to the goods for easy loading and unloading.
  • Open Side Container
    Open Side Container
  • Open Top Container/Hard Top Container, OT/HT
    Open Top Container/Hard Top Container, OT/HT
  • Flat Rack Container, FR/FH
    Flat Rack Container, FR/FH
  • Platform Container, PF
    Platform Container, PF
  • Ventilated Conatiner, VE
    Ventilated Conatiner, VE
  • Bulk Container,BU
    Bulk Container,BU
  • Hanger Container,HG/HHG
    Hanger Container,HG/HHG
Be personalized design and interior decoration according to customer’s demand, such as non-standard size design, increasing hydraulic system etc.
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