Project Name:Mining Camp Container Building in Canada

Project Location: Canada

The site area is 62 sqm and the building is  2 -storey height with the total area of 120  sqm.
According to the requirements of the customer drawings, more will be luxury to the adornment of room inside.In line with the European certification, meet customers' different requirements in construction practicality.
High demand of material and ensure the homes can use more fixed number of year, meet on the beach, camp, resorts, more theme architecture.
Functional usage, suitable for all - Each module can be designed and made as office, accommodation, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, dining, gym, recreation, clinic, laundry, storage and other different spaces based on clients' inquiries.

Highly prefabricated, short construction period - Tetris Space is one of the most prefabricated products in the modular field. After fully documented and produced in the factory, transferred to construction site to be assembled mechanizedly. The production cycle is much less than the tranditional types of buildings, and every step is pre-scheduled and foreseeable.

Volume: 3 renovated containers
Completion: August, 2014

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