Modular Building
Typical Applications
Tetris Space building is made by a range of modules. Each module adopts either the shipping container or light gauge steel structural system with different types of renovative environmental materials, which is produced from the production line. This product can be stand-alone or combined verticallly and horizontally to create the modular complex buildings.

According to the structural system, there are CONTAINER STRUCTURAL SYSTEM BUILDING and LGS STURCTURAL SYSTEM BUILDING two major series.

The architectural, structural, electrical, drainage and decorative works of each module are premanufactured in the factory, and transported to the construction site as complete modules, then by using the crane to lift to exact position to finish the final assembling. This product is widely used in residential, industry, commercial and public service area as the hotels, apartments, offices, supermarkets, educational facilities, government settlement housing, tourist spots, military camp and etc.

Highly prefabricated, short constructin period - Tetris Space is one of the most prefabricated products in the modular field. After fully documented and produced in the factory, transferred to construction site to be assembled mechanizedly. The production cycle is much less than the tranditional types of buildings, and every step is pre-scheduled and foreseeable.

Line production, low cost - Each module comes from the production line, thus the quality is strickly controlled and the production efficiency is very high, so the manufacturing cost is reduced to minimum.

Functional usage, suitable for all - Each module can be designed and made as office, accommodation, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, dining, gym, recreation, clinic, laundry, storage and other different spaces based on clients' inquiries.

High stability, durable life time - The structural systems have been tested by many authorities to ensure the stability and safety of the buildings. They have long service life time and high seismic resistance, crushing resistance, sound insulation performance, thermal performance, fire resistance, water resistance and windproof performance. According to the different regulations and needs of different areas or inquiries, this product can be made as permanent or semi-permanent buildings.

Various combinations, great livability - By using different ways of combining modules and materials to create different types of architectural space and facade appearance. The maximum sizes of single module our factory can produce is 16154mm long, 4600mm wide and 3300mm high, which has covered up most sizes of required demands in the world, and gives the designers more flexibility.

Integral module, easy for transporting and assembling - Each module is an integrality, which is easy for transporting by road, railway or ship freights. Compare with other prefab buildings, it has less packaging cost and time.

According to the internal decorating materials, there are two types of container structural system buildings:

1. Composite panel type
This type has no requirement to install LGS frame attach to the container panels. Fasteners are adopted to install
decorating boards, including the color-coated steel sandwich panel, marine fire proof panel, fibre cement board and
etc. Insulation layers can be inserted between the container panels and the decorating panels to have better thermal

performance. Rock wool, glass wool, expanded PU and foaming cement are the most common insulation materials.

2. LGS frame + decorating panel type
This type has the LGS frame installed directly next to the container panels and insert the insulation materials like rook
wool, glass wool, expanded PU and foaming cement inbetween the LGS frame, then has the decorating panels attached
to the frame. Decorating panels includes plaster board, marine fire proof panel, fibre cement board and etc.


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