Modular Building Of Sanya Science & Technology Academy

Sanya is located in the north latitude 18 ° gold coast, with excellent geography, ecology, climate and abundant germplasm resources. The modular building base of Nanfan Center, designed and built by Yahgee, is located in Sanya city.

In the design of the modular project, according to the needs of customers, and comprehensively considering the geographical, climatic and other factors of Sanya, Yahgee applied modular house and flat pack house which have advantages of flexible combination safety, reliability and fast installation to complete the project.

There is a 3-story office building consisting of 20 prefabricated modular houses. The main functional areas include halls, conference rooms, equipment rooms, testing rooms, restaurants, kitchens, standard rooms, bathrooms, terraces, etc. which can meet the needs of employees in the base for working and living. There are also 10 flat pack houses distributed in the base as tool rooms and bathrooms.

The modular building is constituted by modules of different sizes, which not only enrich the layer sense of the facade, but also creates more spaces by using the protruding part of the long container, with good ventilation and lighting and strong typhoon resistance. Exterior walls are white, and the windows and doors adopt black glass, to make the modular building more vivid.

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