Project Name:New Zealand Modular Villa

Project Location: New Zealand

Many villas designed and manufactured by Yahgee are distributed all over New Zealand. The designers consider the geography, climate and other factors to use container house with various combinations and great livability to manufacture the villas. The usable area of the villas is 56㎡, 67 ㎡, 75 ㎡, 105 ㎡, 136 ㎡ and so on. The villa is equipped with all the functional space of daily life to meet your high quality life expectation.
The villas of this project are prefabricated in Yahgee manufacture base. The architectural, structure, plumbing system, electrical system, heating and ventilation, fire protection and interior decoration of each module are all finished in the workshop. The products are transferred to construction site as complete modules to be assembled rapidly by using the crane within one week. The construction cycle is greatly shortened. It is a turn-key project. The interior decoration design and quality of the villa outdistance local similar housing in New Zealand.
Zealand Building Code and get market access certification awarded by the New Zealand government. The seismic resistance of the modular villas is 9.7 grade which exceed the building code.
Container house has many features such as highly prefabricated degree, short construction period, high stability, various combinations, transporting and assembling convenience, environmental protection, great livability and so on. The products can be used in residential villas, hotels, leisure resorts, student apartments, old-age homes, and other fields.

Design Organization: Yahgee Modular House
Seismic Resistance: 9.7Grade

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