Project Name:Multi-function Mobile Headquarters

Project Location:Offshore platform for CNOOC

The site area is 200 sqm and the building is 5-storey height with the total area of 900 sqm.
Container structural system building is the type of building using the shipping container structural frame as the load bearing element while has all the
architectural functions. Container structural system building has adequately referred to the appearance and structure of shipping containers to form the integral stability and strength. The sizes of each module can be customized.
Our products are mainly used in Oil & Gas, Offshore platform, FPSO, Petrol Chemical,Long distance pipeline, Sea water treatment, Nuclear power industry and so on.

Paying attention to the energy saving design, creating mulriple humanistic public space and comfortable working condition have turned into the designing target.

Volume: 25 renovated containers
Completion: November, 2014

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