Tetris Space multiple names Modular house,Container House
Tetris Space multiple names Modular house,Container House,Prefab house

Tetris Space building is made by a range of modules. Each module adopts either the shipping container or light gauge steel structural system with different types of renovative environmental materials, which is produced from the production line. This product can be stand-alone or combined verticallly and horizontally to create the modular complex buildings.

According to the structural system, there are CONTAINER STRUCTURAL SYSTEM BUILDING and LGS STURCTURAL SYSTEM BUILDING two major series.

The architectural, structural, electrical, drainage and decorative works of each module are premanufactured in the factory, and transported to the construction site as complete modules, then by using the crane to lift to exact position to finish the final assembling. This product is widely used in residential, industry, commercial and public service area as the hotels, apartments, offices, supermarkets, educational facilities, government settlement housing, tourist spots, military camp and etc.

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