Prefabricated Swimming Pool Has Officially Opened In Shanghai

Recently, the prefabricated swimming pool has officially opened in Shanghai, this is a huge breakthrough without any doubt. For a long time, the construction of swimming pools is a very complex project, the process for building traditional swimming pools is quite long, large machinery is also needed, which makes the ordinary people have to shrink from it. As the ‘prefabricated building’ enters the field of vision, the construction of swimming pools is becoming as simple as building blocks.

The prefabricated swimming pool is a new steel structure swimming pool, which combines the mature European technology in 1950s and the self balancing technology. The prefabricated swimming pool is completely industrial products. Different from traditional swimming pools, prefabricated swimming pools need completely design before the beginning of construction, all the accessories are completed in the factory; only small amount of work is needed in the field.In the long term of practice, experts found that the mature foreign prefabricated swimming pool technology is not completely suitable for domestic environment; it is not rational to copy foreign technology. After a long period of scientific research, Chinese researchers have developed the SBS (Self Balanced Structure) technology to make the swimming pool system adapt to domestic installation environment better. The Chinese prefabricated swimming pool has the characteristics of technological innovation, material innovation and structural innovation.

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