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Basketball Game
The annual regional basketball tournament was held on schedule on May 8th, 2016. It was the 3 VS 3 basketball game, which was not the same as the conventional 5 VS 5 basketball game. It only needs 6 people on the field at the same time. Each company in the area sent their own players to participate in the competition, our company was no exception. Before the game, our players had had a full of practice. They became calmly and played in perfect unison.  As was expected, we achieved a good result. And at last, we still summed up our shortcomings, to improve in the next time.


On We held a fire drill on June 23rd, 2016 successfully. The fire drill let us understand much more about the treatment process when we are facing fires and other emergencies, and enhance people's fire prevention awareness and self-help & mutual aid awareness in the fire.

Tug of War

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, we held a tug of war. It is a movement which needs each participant of different participating parties to collaborate with the team members of the same group well. Its significance is not only for exercise of participant's body, but also promote the communication and cooperation among the employees.

You Attack, I Block Back

Table tennis is our national sport, which has attracted people's attention. That ‘you attack, I block back’ is the basic point of playing table tennis. In the spirit of ‘friendship first, competition second, making friends with the ball, learning skills’ of sportsmanship, we carried out a meaningful table tennis match. During the whole process, the contestants struggled hard and showed their skills, to win the audience’s applause from time to time.
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