Welcome Singapore deiegation to Yahgee

On the afternoon of April 12, in the guide of Mr. Neo Choon Keong, CEO of BCA industrial development apartment, Singapore investigation delegation, including Singapore BCA, government, developers, contractors, design consultants and architects etc. 30 people, visited Changshu Yahgee to communicate and inspect. In the meantime, the representatives of the Malaysian government department and senior executives of contractors were particularly invited to visit Yahgee.

Guo Qing, the general manager of Yahgee Modular House, Huang Wenjun, the deputy general manager of Changshu Yahgee, Zhang Huainan, the vice-general manager of Yahgee International, Yu Hang, the general manager assistant of Yahgee International, He Liang, the executive vice-president of Yahgee designing institute, and Zhou Shasha, the director of Yahgee International Changshu Marketing Center, attended the reception. The general manager Guo Qing extended a warm welcome to the delegation. The two parties communicated and discussed building industrialization, green building and cooperation in the future etc.

Singapore deiegation to Yahgee
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