Project Name:Tetris Hotel

Project Location: Tetris Hotel

The site area is 30 sqm .According to customer design requirements, the layout of the room, DIY material ,Flexible combination into various types of hotel, resort, collective accommodation.

Tetris Space building is made by a range of modules. Each module adopts either the shipping container or light gauge steel structural system with different types of renovative environmental materials, which is produced from the production line. This product can be stand-alone or combined vertically and horizontally to create the modular complex buildings.
Functional usage, suitable for all - Each module can be designed and made as office, accommodation, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, dining, gym, recreation, clinic, laundry, storage and other different spaces based on clients' inquiries.
Integral module, easy for transporting and assembling - Each module is an integrality, which is easy for transporting by road, railway or ship freights. Compare with other prefab buildings, it has less packaging cost and time.

Volume: 1 renovated containers

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