Yahgee takes positive action to help post-disaster reconstruction after the Typhoon Hato hit Zhuhai.

On August 23rd, the thirteenth typhoon Hato landed in Zhuhai. It is the strongest typhoon in China this year, and makes a great influence on the city's construction industry.

Yahgee actively responded to the government on the decision to relief & reproduction work deployment, quickly organized internal meetings to study the reconstruction scheme, and fully mobilized Yahgee's manpower, material resources, financial resources of its branches all over China, to support the disaster recovery and reconstruction work etc.. in Zhuhai.
More than ten years, Yahgee actively practice and undertake social responsibility. In the face of disaster, Yahgee has been rushing to the forefront. After the Typhoon Hato, Yahgee helped Zhuhai people rebuild their homes with its action, and restore the beautiful city.
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