Project Name:Scientific Research Building of Zhejiang University

Project Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Research activities building is from zhejiang university, zhejiang university industrialization demonstration module integration building, shows the thin-walled light steel all passive intelligent building module unit.Project construction land area of 456 ㎡, covers an area of 192 ㎡, three layers on the ground.Contains the function such as displaying, office, residence, showing full modular architecture can have fast, intelligent, low carbon and healthy features.

Research activities building construction area of 456 square meters, is composed of 15 fine decoration modular units, with office, accommodation, conference, catering, etc.

Shortcut is the highlight of this project, the assembling time only 32 hours, factory change rate reached more than 90% of the total quantity, reduce construction site construction waste and dust of 90%

Volume: 15 containers
Completion: December , 2015

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