Project Name:Zhuhai Aviation Industry Park Exhibition Hall

Project Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong ,China

Design: Yahgee Prefabricated Building Design Institute
Volume: 20 modules
Container Dimensions (mm): 2440 x 7160 x 5100 / 3900 & 2440 x 4840 x 5100 / 3900
Area: 288 sqm
Application: Commercial
Designed Life Span: 20 years
Fire Proof Rating: Grade A
Anti-Seismic Grade: 8-magnitude
Dominant Functions: Exhibition, Reception, Office, Meeting Room and etc.
No. of Assembling Labors: 6
Construction Period: 30 days
Completion: November 2nd, 2016

The Exhibition Hall for Zhuhai Aviation Industry Park is a public commercial building which integrates exhibition, reception and offices(Container House). The design inspiration generated from the aviation and the architect was intending to use the dynamic and geometrical shapes on the facade to create the visual impact. The silver color reflects the aircrafts and the space shuttles also. For the main entrance, the geometrical pattern on the facade has been transformed into a asymmetrical shape to attract people to explore the inner part of the building. The internal finishes echo the external look to create the timeless experience for every visitor.

Volume:20 modules
Completion: 2016

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