Zishan Lake Honey Box Modular Hotel has been delivered successfully, the wonderful holy place for honeymoon attracted CCTV!

Romantic Zishan Lake is a good place for holiday, the Honey Box Modular Hotel designed, produced and built by Yahgee in Zishan Lake, Xianning City, Hubei Province has been delivered and was put into use on November 23rd. At the same time, the series of activities of the ninth International Hot Spring Culture Tourism Festival in Xianning City, Hubei Province——Honeymoon Bay Brand Release & CCTV ‘ Perfect Wedding’ Ending Ceremony took place there. The Deputy Secretary of municipal party committee, Wang Yuanhe and United Investment Group’s General Manger Li Jun attended this event and made a speech.

Honeymoon Bay is a large tourism leisure resort built by United Investment Group, this project located in Zishan Lake, Xianning City, Hubei Province; it is a romantic resort with the best view of the whole lake. It is worth mentioning that, Yahgee only spent five months on the whole building process from design to completion of the Honeymoon Bay Honey Box Modular Hotel. The total construction area for this project is about 8800 square meters; it has 32 units of modular hotel rooms, composed of 257 container modules. Honey Box Modular Hotel has become a beautiful landscape of Honeymoon Bay. More importantly, Honey Box Modular Hotel adapted prefabrication design, after the modules being produced in the factory and sent to the project site, it only needs module assembling; afterwards the modular building can be opened for occupancy, thus greatly reduced the construction period of the project. Such a distinctive love resort has also attracted CCTV, the activities for CCTV-2 [Perfect Wedding] second quarter ending ceremony also synchronized here.

As the expert in modular building industry, Yahgee will keep developing and innovating, provide more exquisite designs for the customers.

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